3 Job Searching Tips for Instructional Technologists from the eLearning Coach

We wanted to share some job searching tips from Connie Malamed, blogger at the eLearning Coach, and a close friend of ISD Now.

elearning coachShe recently shared her podcast on “Finding a Job in Instructional Technology,” with us. In the podcast, Connie interviews Joe Fournier, Director of Instructional Design and Technology, who has hired several individuals within the field.

Joe shares 3 helpful key job searching tips for finding a job in instructional technology:

  • A Thirst for Learning: A good instructional designer often possesses a thirst for learning
  • Portfolio Power: Joe encourages instructional designers provide portfolios (particularly in an online format).
  • Bye-Bye Boilerplate: Hiring managers are looking to hire instructional designers who fit with the team and close any existing gaps. Outstanding interviewees can have a conversation with you, not regurgitate boilerplate talking points about themselves.

To hear the full podcast with job searching tips for instructional designers, click below.


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