Low-Tech or High-Tech; Games Help Instruction

A recent story from Edutopia’s Tech2Learn Series highlights how technology helps one teacher differentiate instruction. Using a variety of programs, education blogger and teacher Robert Pronovost tailors math instruction to match students’ individual learning styles.

And as his data revealed, Pronovost’s students are improving at a much greater rate than students have in the past (before he had various tools and applications). Watch the video interview with Pronovost, below, and learn from this resource list he provided.

While technology is growing in influence in learning, as Pronovost says in the video, using computers is not the best tool for solving some problems. And for many, computers and high-tech tools simply aren’t available. Even without advanced technology, there are a variety of low-cost games that can be effective as well, as Chief Learning Officer mentioned in an article earlier this year, and we focused on during a recent ISD Now Forum.

How are you incorporating games into your teaching or training? Share tips and strategies with in the comments section, below!

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